Back to the most popular dive vacation trip ever. Bahamas Blackbeard live-aboard Cruise. Join us for a week in the Bahamas cruising around the Exuma's diving some of the most secluded dive spots. We will hit popular dives like The Washing Machine and the Shark Dive. This is always a great trip and fills up fast. This trip includes: All meals, beverages (alcohol too), at least 17 dives even up to over 20 sometimes, night dives, snacks, island touring, and just pure relaxation while having your own sailboat cruise around the Bahamas. Air fare not included. 

Dates:      planning 2018 now!

Deposit: $500

Total: $1255

There is only one place in the world where you are guaranteed to dive with both Whale Sharks and giant Manta Rays at the same time, and it's the Georgia Aquarium.   This 1 day  trip is a must for both new and experienced divers. The Great Ocean Tank is about 35 feet deep, and the Whale Sharks are about 20 feet long!  Don't forget about the Volkswagen sized groupers !  This trip is truly one of a kind, and at only a couple of hours away, an awesome way to spend your Saturday.   We meet up at the Great Ocean Tank Entrance on Saturday for check-in with the staff, and then spend our non-dive time touring the beautiful displays throughout the aquarium.  While we dive, your non-diving friends and family are escorted by aquarium staff to be sure you can interact with them while you are diving! 

Dates:  Saturday, March 17th 2018


Admittance to the aquarium,

The amazing dive, and a 


Deposit: $100

Total: $351 

georgia aquarium

Scuba Diving in north Florida is truly an incredible experience. Bathed in the warm clear waters in the Gulf of Mexico, the pan handle typically has incredible visibility and warm water making scuba diving highly rated by scuba enthusiasts and many dive publications. These waters are also host to an incredible variety of sea life. Myriad sport fish,  tropical fish, and hard and soft corals cover the bottom and any structures we dive on.  The reef is healthy, and spearfishing is allowed in many areas! (Florida Fishing License reqd.)   We love this  dive operation, and come back here year after year.  Panama City has beautiful beaches, and tons of topside entertainment!  We'll  dine at the famous restaurant Captain Anderson's...a Florida legend. We know you love it, so we're offering two different options for this trip....          Call today to get your spot before this great trip is filled.       Deposit: $100

Four day trip Includes: 

- Air tanks and weights

- 3 night hotel room based on double occupancy

- breakfast box from the hotel

- 2 tank boat dives Fri and Sun

- 3 tank boat dive Sat

Dinner at captain Anderson's Sat night Included

Three day trip Includes: 
- Air tanks and weights
- 2 night hotel room based on double occupancy

- breakfast box from the hotel
-3 tank boat dive Sat

-2 tank boat dive  Sun​
Dinner at captain Anderson's Sat night Included

Dates: November 2nd-5th  (4 day) and  3rd-5th (3 day)

Total: (4 day) diver $768, Nitrox upgrade $40.    

          (3 day) diver $590, Nitrox upgrade $30. 

* Must Have Dive computer (can be rented)

Blackbeard Cruise, Bahamas 


The Springs trip to Florida is everyone's favorite weekend getaway in the winter. The water is always 72 degrees. This is the trip that students can do checkout dives on or any diver just looking to get into warmer water in the winter and dive in crystal clear water. This trip is a 3 tank dive trip over two days, with all dive fee's, state park fee's, tanks, weights, and 2 nights at a  hotel (based on double occupancy) included. Friday is a drive down day, 2 dives Saturday (Ginnie Springs, and Rainbow River), 1 dive Sunday (Devils Den), and optional Manatee Swim Sunday afternoon before heading home (additional Charge).


December 1-3, 2017

February 23-25,  2018

​March 23-25, 2018

Deposit: $100

Total: $335

Non divers: $190

Ginnie springs, florida


Join us on one of our adventurous trips. We travel near and far to find the best dive sites and to have fun on every trip that we take. When you sign up for our trips, you are signing up to have the best time of your life in some of the most amazing places in the world. You will always have a dive Professional with you and the group for safety in the water, guides, equipment needs, and just to make sure you have nothing but amazing dives.

 Looking for a small island to enjoy a week long vacation of relaxing and  the best shore diving in the world?  Well look no further than Bonaire. This small island in the Netherlands Antilles has shallow dives, deep  dives,  and much, much more to offer.  This trip is one of a kind with full breakfast included, 6 days of unlimited shore diving, nitrox upgrade, a rental vehicle, and 6 boat dives.  This trip is always a must and we all always enjoy this one and so continue to go year after year so the spots will go fast. Please call to get yours today. 

Dates: January 27 - February 3


8 days 7 nights of accommodation (based on double occupancy)

unlimited air fills for shore dives

6 boat dives

Daily breakfast

Rental Car

Deposit: $500

Total: $2299, with current air price, total 

could be lower as time gets closer

panama city, florida....finest pan handle diving


THIS IS THE ONE.....the trip of a life-time.  We are going to one of the  most amazing places to dive in the world. These islands in Micronesia are at the top of every scuba diver's wish list...and for good reasons. Join us for a week in Palau cruising around and diving some of the most secluded dive spots on our planet. Palau has a tropical rain-forest climate with an average temp of 82 °F. The average humidity is 82%, and rain falls daily, but the most rain is between July and October, so we are going in April.   Palau lies outside the  Pacific typhoon zone, so great weather is abundant.

          This trip includes: All meals, beverages (alcohol too), 15 dives or even more , night dives, snacks, island touring, and just pure relaxation while having your own yacht cruise around one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Call the shop for more details. 

Dates: April 1st-8th 2018

Deposit: $1000

Total: to be announced when air fare comes in